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Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

With the Lancer Basketball season slowly approaching the finish,  the Lancers are sadly 0-9. With 11 remaining games left in the season, people are wondering if the Lancers will pull off a win. I spoke to the head varsity coach Jordan Barnes on why he believes our Lancers are not performing at their highest capability. Barnes says, “There have been a series of reasons, Covid-19, injuries, poor grades, etc.” Coach Barnes also states that most of our players right now are young, leaning towards the freshman/sophomore variant. He says, “We don’t have much experience at the varsity level as of right now.” 

Even throughout the losses, the Lancers have good chemistry, attending practices, having team dinners, and growing throughout their first full season back from Covid-19. Coach Barnes preaches simply to working on the game. He says, “Game experience is our biggest teacher.” Barnes also talks about his core priorities from this point on. Saying, “We will continue to work on skill development, team bonding activities, weight room sessions, evaluating film, and challenging young guys to play at a high level to prepare them for the future.” 

Currently, the Lancers have 6 players out because of Covid-19. This causes major setbacks in the end results of the teams’ performances. Barnes also point out that “Since I started coaching here, only 3 kids have stayed at the school all 4 years. It’s such a transient school.” In addition, 15/29 players in the program are freshmen. Only 1 player has varsity experience from last year.  

So far, the Lancers have played Foss (52-84), Auburn Mountainview (48-80), Puyallup (56-66), Todd Beamer (54-81), Mount Tahoma (37-71), Graham Kapowsin (30-45), Bonney Lake (72-75), Silas (41-79), and Lincoln (40-42).

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Go Lancers!!!