Climate Change


Robert S. Donovan

A coal fired power plant on the Ohio River just West of Cincinnati

McKayla Pelkey, Reporter

Climate Change has changed throughout the years, as people have experienced, this year in Washington the heat had gone up making it as hot as the 80’s then the chilly weather came back going into the 20’s for winter which is a drastic change from the warm heat we have been getting. 

One of the main reasons that climate change has gotten worse is from us humans, taking down forests to make more buildings, burning fossil fuels which causes carbon dioxide, The carbon dioxide from the burning has been affecting farmers crops, one of the problems of the food shortage. 

One may ask, “How do I help climate change?” You can always help by driving less, turning lights off when you leave the room, you can eat plant-based meals, reusing mugs, bags, water bottles which can all help reduce C02 (carbon dioxide), you can change your homes source of energy which would be solar panels instead of gases. 

Promote green energy! says, “We must give absolute priority to the protection of nature. Every action, public policy, or strategy should be analyzed with nature in mind, and the production of energy is a good starting point.” 

These are just some reasons of climate change that us humans can fix by using plant based things like food, reusable bags, burning things less and even changing your home’s energy source to not use the c02.