Motivation and Self Improvement

Emily Smith, All

 Perceiving the world through dark lenses often creates a large buildup of resentment, leaving us with unresolved aggression. Aggression is the most powerful human emotion of them all, it’s the powerhouse of all motivation. Through aggression we can change our approach of the world, I do not mean yell and scream at anyone that makes you upset what i mean is channeling that anger into motivation, setting a direct path for our aggression. Metaphorically of course. A lot of people are afraid to make goals, because when you have a goal it’s a lot clearer when you’re not getting it. It hurts when we recognize the goals we are not meeting, which often leads people into this downhill cycle of not setting goals, and not trying. 

At the highest level of psychological integration there is no difference between you and what you experience. You can’t control everything you experience but that’s no objection because you can’t control yourself anyway. The mere fact that you can’t extend control over everything you experience is no argument against that you should still treat that as an extension of yourself. Through experiences we learn, grow, and teach others all simultaneously. The amazing thing about experience is that everyone experiences things differently and learns different lessons from them. There comes to a certain point where either you pick up that nothing matters so you want to make the best of the nothingness, or the mindset that nothing matters therefore I should give up everything. There’s nothing wrong with what you believe, what matters most of all is how you handle your situation, and how you choose to move forward with that mindset. 

What you want to do to inspire others is get your act together, because you inspire most through example. It’s much more powerful than words, words are immensely powerful if they’re also accompanied by example. But the best thing you can do is start putting things together around you. How can you help others if you can’t help yourself first? Your actions don’t just affect your future, they affect those around you as well. To the people around you all the time, they are bound to pick up the traits that you show them, whether it be good or not. Setting examples is crucial to the mentality of you and others. 

Matthew Principle: “to those who have everything, more will be given, and from those who have nothing, everything will be taken.” There’s a reason for that, it means as you start to wander off the path, the probability that you will wander further gets higher. Stress from falling behind, or “off the path” changes the way most people process and handle situation, because now everyone has this hesitation and worry of getting lost or falling to far behind. It’s ok to be stressed, it’s just managing the stress that we must learn. Getting into the habit of understanding stress is there to help you and remind you of things that need to be done. 

Clean up your room, it may sound funny but seriously! What you see is the low resolution of the consequences of your assumption of lazy habit and blindness. What artists do: when van Gogh paints a room and it looks like it’s glowing, he’s trying to show you what’s beyond your perception of that room. Meaning this technically. Whenever memory and presumption can replace direct perception, it will, because it’s simpler. So, you literally see what you expected to see, and if what you see is dull and boring then that’s you! It is there to remind you of the potential that’s right in front of you.