Reilly Erickson, Reporter

With winter break fast approaching we have some updates from the yearbook team  

The senior deadline has now been extended to January 7th, 2022, so now you have more time to make sure you get those senior pictures done, get those quotes in along with them baby pictures. Remember seniors we wish to see you in the yearbook as much as possible this is your final year off course, we want to make It special. The yearbook team has also made an Instagram special for seniors for updates on their possible needs from seniors and their deadlines the account is @lakes_seniors2022, make sure you go give it a follow so you can make you sure you have everything.  please send senior and baby pictures to Mr. Clark at [email protected]

In non-seniors updates the yearbook team is still looking for travel photos of students and their families.  The family page is still looking for photos of siblings and/ or cousins that are going to lakes, maybe even you have a parent that works at lakes. The best friends page applications are still open. Maybe you and your bestie would like a spot to be featured in the yearbook.  Even pets are welcome in the yearbook we are also looking for your furry and non-furry pets’ submissions so we all can remember them and see how adorable they are.  For more updates on more than just senior needs follow @LHSyearbook_team2022 on Instagram for more. 


Thank you to all those who have submitted so far, we are hoping to see more submissions here soon.