Lakes High School Instagram Accounts


Marina Thelander

     Instagram is a social media platform with roughly one billion active users. It is a free photo sharing app acquired by facebook in 2015.

     As we have all probably seen, Lakes High School Instagram accounts have become quite popular. Anything from lakes fight videos to bathroom shoes and even pages exposing cheaters or creepy exchanges and harassing comments from boys to girls.

     It started with a Lakes sleeping page, if you were caught sleeping, a picture would be snapped and posted instantly. It was funny in the start but it is getting out of hand. These accounts have been banned but within 24 hours they are up and running again.

     Coming to school, we expect to feel safe. The fact that we have students taking pictures of random people to send to these accounts is a little invasive. There are so many different accounts for different things around our school and they feature a lot of students. The sleeping account specifically became a big one for pictures. Uploading multiple every period. It may be funny but again, a little invasive.

     Some accounts are used to make a laughing stock of people and how they present themselves to this school. Do these people know pictures are being taken of them? It is a very uncomfortable feeling not knowing if I am going to see myself stuffing my face on my Instagram feed.

     Again, this was funny in the beginning, and some of these accounts are innocent but the idea is freaky. There are teacher fan pages, bad parking accounts and even a lakes ho page. Why should we condone putting other students down for a laugh?