TV Show Recommendations


McKayla Pelkey, Reporter

The restrictions on COVID can be quite boring, a good way to cure boredom is by watching a new show or by restarting a new one. The best thing to honestly do is binge watch them, a couple of good shows a lot of people have binged watched is, “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Squid Games”. “Dynasty”, “You”, and “Criminal Minds.”  

A good show recommendation would depend on what interests you have, whether that’s chess, a deadly show with different theories, a drama about a rich family, another deadly show, or a show about crime. Personally, the best shows I have seen this season are the Queen’s Gambit (very good book too), Dynasty, Hannibal and Gossip Girl.

Hannibal is an American drama, thriller show where a gifted criminal profiler has a way where he empathizes with everyone, even the worst people ever but when he gets his job back onto the field, he decided he needs help, so he goes to the best psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter, but of course following the classics of the movies, Hannibal has a dark side, trying to crack the profiler to see who he truly is. 

The Queen’s Gambit is a drama miniseries. This small series is set in the cold war era where an orphaned chess prodigy girl named Beth Harmon, struggles with an addiction she received in the orphanage. In this show she is on a quest to become the greatest chess player in the world. 

If longer shows are more you style you could try Dynasty, a reboot of the 1980’s series. This show follows around two of the richest families, Carrington’s and Colby’s whilst the feud for more fortune and power, Dynasty follows around the families revealing the dark corruption of the estates and the secrets within the family. 

Gossip Girl (2007-2012) is an American teen drama about privileged students in a prep school, preferably in Manhattan and Gossip Girl is someone online who posts on scandals and heartache both newfound love and dead love. The identity of Gossip Girl stays a secret as the others try to find out who the person is while this person is stirring the pot around them. 

Those are some of the shows that have gotten popular especially with COVID regulations, the shows are great by binging or just watching a couple episodes a day. Give the shows a try!