Districts For Lakes Volleyball


Lady lancers in action

Mariah Potoa'e, Reporter

This year our Lakes Volleyball made it to districts for the first time in 3 years! Our Lady Lancers played their last league game against Spanaway Lake Highschool on October 26thending the night with a score of 3-1, beating Spanaway on their senior nightIt was an amazing way for Lakes to end their league season and a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their potential at districts. In order to get to districts, you would have to meet certain qualifications for your league and our volleyball program did that. Their first game in districts was on Veterans Day, November 11th, going onto play for sets and Lakes ended up losing. Regardless of the score, our Lady Lancers did an amazing job and put on a show at districtsAlso, congratulations to Riley Clark for earning MVP in the PCL league, Jayden Vaimaonfor earning 1st team in the PCL League, and Kamia Deguzman on earning 2nd team in the PCL league. Overall, amazing job to all our lady lancers, you guys had a great season.