Lancer Basketball Tryouts

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

With basketball tryouts going from November 15th-17th, the Lakes Lancer basketball team finds themselves approaching a full season of hard work. With harsh restrictions last season, (half a season, no playoffs, limited sport contact, etc.) Lakes varsity basketball coach Jordan Barnes is eager to see what the season holds.  

Barnes says “Tryouts were amazing. Kids really came with a lot of energy. I think COVID-19 really impacted our numbers last year. This year, everyone was excited, and the gym felt “normal.” We had about 60 kids that tried out.” Coach Barnes also expresses the struggles that not only he has to face as a coach, but also for the kids to be ready and in shape for a season after being away from the “normal.” He says, “With the guys being away from the game so long, we are going to spend a lot of time focusing on the fundamentals of the game. Athletes forgot how tedious basketball is on the body. Lots of conditioning and body movements they haven’t used in a while. Toughness is something we talk about every day and controlling the controllable. If they can bring that every day, they will find success on and off the court.” 

Coach Barnes also recognizes the different athletes trying out for basketball this year, he expresses how much energy the several types of athletes bring to the court and how he believes it will really affect the team’s outcome. He says, “Football athletes have had continuous success for two decades. They bring a strong culture of values, toughness, and chemistry. Baseball and track athletes are dynamic. They bring different intangibles to the gym. Pure, athleticism, IQ, hard work, etc. Having multi-sport athletes impacts all of the teams for the better.” 

Having sports with COVID-19 is difficult on players and coaches, but Barnes has a positive outlook on the circumstances, he says “This year, we are still battling COVID-19 but it is controlled. Kids are getting tested; we are having a “normal” schedule. It will resemble previous years. Like everyone else, adjustments will need to be made but we will manage it to the best of our ability.”  

Good luck this season Lancers!