Having A Part Time Job

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Marina Thelander

Having A Part Time Job 


As we mature and become young adults, we take on more responsibilities. We can work now. Making our own money for things we want and need. Having a part time job is a handful though. Balancing working hours and homework is a skill we need to acquire to have a successful rhythm. 

I work at Subway on JBLM, and right now it is tough because we only have 4 workers. Slim Chickens just opened and all our workers went there.  My hours have increased to 25 a week due to lack of workers, child labor laws say that a minor can’t work over 20 hours a week and more than 4 hours on school days. I do both. 

Maintaining good grades on top of working is a struggle. Going from 5 in the morning with school, then straight to work at 3 then almost midnight trying to cram all my homework in is tough. 

Finding time to make everything work is part of growing up and being responsible. We are growing into young adults and working is setting us up for our future.