About Andrea Morgan

Kyle, Reporter for Lakes high school

About Andrea Morgan 


Andrea Morgan at lunch

Kyle Schwab 


Andrea Morgan is a Lakes High school History and Government teacher. Mrs. Morgan has been at Lakes high school since 2005. She says the school isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for her. Andrea is a passionate person who wants every kid in her class to pass. She is the student’s biggest advocate to help them pass her class and any others if they are willing to try.  

She started teaching at lakes because at Woodbrook middle school the student head count dropped a lot over time, so she was transferred over to lakes high school. Andrea said it was tough teaching at a middle school to high school were two completely different things. 

Covid-19 had an impact on everyone including Mrs. Morgan. It made it harder for her to see that the students were struggling. Mrs. Morgan says that students didn’t do well due to mental health issues and the fact that you had to be glued to the computer. It made it harder because Mrs. Morgan didn’t know if her students were awake and paying attention or just sleeping. “Now that were back in person, students are not used to all the new mandates like masks and social distancing” she says. Something she does to make it easier for everyone is she does circle up with questions of the day and everybody writes. It helps because it breaks down tensions with a little community building. 

Andrea Morgan started teaching High School because she thought it would be less stressful for her, less emotional for the students, and she thought they would be more independent. 

Some Hobbies Mrs. Morgan has is she loves to cook food for her family and friends and even students on special occasions. She likes to go outside and take nature walks to clear her mind and get some fresh air. She also likes to practice minimalism.