Q & A with Mrs.Mills


Jovanna, Reporter

Q: Since you are a new teacher here at Lakes, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? 

A: I grew up here in Lakewood and I attended Clover Park High school. I have been teaching here in the district for over 20 years. I have two sons that have graduated here from Lakes High School and are now in college. My husband and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our friends. 

Q: What made your decision from teaching middle school students to now teaching high school students? 

A: It has always been a goal to teach high school math. I enjoyed my time teaching at Hudtloff middle school, I was ready for a change. I got the opportunity to work here at Lakes I took it knowing that I was ready for something new. 

Q: What is your goal for your first year here at Lakes High School? 

My goal is to get to build a relationship with the Lancer community. I also plan on attending many Lakes activates such as sporting events, plays and many more activities to come. I’m also excited about the tutoring opportunities offered at Lakes. I feel like I can really support my students so that they can be successful in their math class.  

Q: What are your favorite activities to do outside of school? 

A: One of my personal favorites is cooking. When my kids were home, I used to cook every day but now that they are gone, I enjoy cooking with hello fresh and enjoy learning how to cook new recipes. My least favorite part about cooking is the cleaning part. Especially in the mornings but it works out for me because I don’t usually eat breakfast which means no mess in the kitchen in the mornings. I spend some of my time reading. I don’t currently have a favorite book, but I like to read all kinds of genres or just take recommendations from my friends. I myself enjoy walking at Fort Steilacoom Park when I can. Most of my time is spent watching my son Alex run at George Fox University in Oregon. Now that my sons are no longer living at my house, I spend a lot of time with my dog molly. Sadly, this summer she had a large tumor and had to get her leg removed and now only has three legs, but she is moving around a lot and doing a good job. You wouldn’t even notice she had her leg removed.   

Q: How is teaching during a worldwide pandemic different to teaching in person?  

A: Teaching during the pandemic was really challenging for the students and teachers. I had to learn many different technology skills and worked hard to engage students during remote learning. The hardest part was teaching to a blank screen, it felt like I was just talking to myself the whole entire time. I missed seeing students but I’m happy that we are back in person learning even if it means having to wear masks all day. In my opinion math was very difficult to teach over a screen because I never saw if students understood what I was teaching them or if they were just sleeping through the class period.  

Q: How is the interaction between the school and the students?  

A: I feel like students and teachers are glad to be back in person even though it’s hard to sit in a class learning for 90 minutes after being at home for a year and a half. The 90-minute classes are new to me as well, I’m still adjusting to the long class period just like the students. I think it’s important to take little breaks in class when we can, but I know it’s hard for me once I get to teaching. It had been fun finally getting to meet some of the students I had last year in person. One of my favorite things is getting to see my former students in the hallways and classrooms, students make sure to say hi to me whenever you see me.  

Q: What interested you in becoming a math teacher?  

A: Since I was in the third grade, I have always wanted to be a teacher and I continued with that goal. Throughout high school and college, I had many amazing math teachers that encouraged me to become a math teacher. One of the things I love about teaching is the excitement at the start of a new school year, everyone has a fresh start with new classes and new teachers. Also, I enjoy getting to meet all the new students and their families. In all I enjoy working with kids and getting to see them succeed.  

Q: What is your favorite joke? 

A: What do you call a bagel that can fly 

Do you know?  

A plain bagel