Legacy Of The Lady Lancers


Lady Lancer Line up

Michael Cosio, Reporter

The Lady Lancer soccer team have etched their names in Lakes High School history. They’ve clinched first place in the league, defeating Stadium and Bonney Lake, the reigning juggernauts. Leading the charge are senior captains Isabella Hanna and Aly Bryant. The lancers have worked tirelessly to prove themselves on the field, it’s not every day you’re going to see a team as good as this one.

“We’ve worked really hard in the weight room, and it’s showed during game time, the girls have set their emotional detachments aside and are focused on further development,” says captain Aly Bryant. Our Lancers have worked very hard to bring home victory, but Aly says they won’t stop there! “I believe we haven’t even reached our full potential, if we can perform well in districts, then we have a good shot at state.”

Their season has been filled with greatness, but it’s not just the players who make the team successful. Their Coach, David Chavez, has been a vital factor in the team’s triumph. I asked him about his thoughts on their victorious journey and this was his response,

“I’m very proud of what the girls have been able to accomplish, it’s all them. They’re the ones who have gone through the hurt, and it’s paid off. Their strength and mental toughness have played a huge part in our success.”

Coach Chavez and the Lady Lancers have a big future ahead of them. Make sure to cheer the girls on in the hallways and see them live to show your support.