How Does Mr. Waeschle Describe Love?

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Something common that most people experience in their lifetime is the feeling of love. Whether it be through a friendship, relationship, family bond, etc. But how does a teacher define love? Is it different than how a student would perceive love? Is he convinced that love is a physical connection? Or does he perceive it deeper than that, a spiritual and emotional connection? I spoke with Mr. Waeschle (Lakes High School’s photography teacher). I will be asking teachers 3 core questions to find these out.   

Q: How would you describe love in your own words 

A: He immediately went into having a mutual respect for your partner, being able to work through the bad and having a strong connection/bond. “It’s an unconditional love.” He states that “It’s a complicated emotion, but I practice it in how I approach other human beings every day.” 

Q: Have you ever experienced love? 

A: He quickly made it clear that he has experienced love in multiple ways, even explaining his unconditional love for his dog and cat. He describes another one of his experiences with love as “passion and emotion that makes your knees crumble.” He explains how he has become a better person because of his wife and the people he surrounds himself with daily. 

Q: How has love affected your life? 

A: He says, “It’s improved my life immeasurably.” Claiming that he would not be the person he is today without his different experiences with love. “Love isn’t easy, it’s an ongoing hard-working thing. A challenge everyday but worthwhile. You have to be willing to reach out and be vulnerable.”