Line 5 Update: Temporary Shut-Down


Alex Melvin, journalist

On Oct. 20th, 2021, Company Enbridge responsible for oil and tar sands pipeline’s 3 & 5, was temporarily shut down after protestors trespassed as well as damaged property. Recently, a Tiktok video has surfaced showing Enbridge worker, or previous worker, stating that the company is completely aware of what they’re doing and because of that he participated in the protest of their greediness. One of the many companies is located in mid-Michigan state, the man responsible is an activist part of the protest who closed off the valve to the pipeline. The department responsible for arrests refused to issue a statement on whether anyone had been but there’s major speculation due to the word play other articles use confirming a few other’s theories. 

While this may not be considered a big win it’s turned the heads of people in power to finally view the situation on their radar. A lot of people are asking questions about the security measures on the properties because it’d be ironic if an oil company who talks about public safety isnt even safe itself. A lot more people have become worried about the waters and its safety since the spill in California and Line 3 recently up and running. It’s caused a bit of hysteria in conserving water or not having enough already. Enbridge has concurred that Line 5 is safe but the ones who know that that issued statement is just a façade have been hard at work. Its reaping results slowly but effectively.