Kidnapping on the rise in Mexico


Jovanna, Reporter

Throughout the years there have been a lot of kidnappings, especially in Mexico. Within the last couple of years thousands of people have been abducted in Mexico alone. Now the numbers have gone up and more people are reported missing each year.  

 Some people that are reported missing are kidnapped by their own family or friends. Most of the people that are abducted are involved in cartels or they got into problems, and now they can’t get out of them. Recently a woman and her three kids were reported missing in a small town after attending a party. A couple of days later only the kids were found but the women was never found. Authorities it concluded that her boyfriend had kidnapped the women and her three kids and had killed the women. The authorities believed that the cartel had something to do with the kidnapping along with the death of the women. 

It’s a huge problem because the cartels just get to do whatever they want to whenever they want. Nobody will do something about it because they know what the people from the cartels are capable of. They can come after their families or even worse. Not even the cops do anything about it they are just afraid of them. Also, the cartels pay the police officers, so they don’t do anything to them. By paying them they don’t pay attention to the crimes they cause or even to the people they kidnap and kill. The police officers will just ignore it along with everyone else in the town. When the population of the town doesn’t speak about it no one will ever know that someone has gone missing.

Safety is very important in Mexico. It’s better to stay away from cartels and don’t get into problems causing danger not only to you but to your family and the people around you.