The Great Terror at Lakes


Michael Cosio, Reporter

The most dangerous place at Lakes is definitely the school parking lot. Statistically drivers ages 16-19 are most likely to get into car accidents, that is the majority of the drivers in the back-parking lots. As teenagers we go into a lot of things with a confident mindset, sometimes too confident. We are not good at driving, not yet at least. Driving is fun, but it’s not like operating a bike or scooter, the cars we drive are big, fast, and dangerous. I think that this is something a lot of people at Lakes don’t realize. Sometimes the overall flash of driving a car gets the better of us, we feel grown up and independent, but that doesn’t mean we should drive fast or not follow the rules. Driving is a privilege that should be taken seriously, we have the potential to cause a lot of harm when we are behind the wheel. Automobiles are mighty and should be treated respectfully by drivers. I’m not saying that we should all drive like grannies, but the least we could do is take driving seriously.