Emotional and Physical Abuse

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McKayla Pelkey, Reporter

There are many long-term conditions from abuse, anyone can be troubled by mental abuse, and it can be long term or short term. Mental and emotional abuse can be from many people, your family or even your friends. It can come in numerous ways, like telling you to stop being too sensitive when you are crying. 

Long lasting outcomes could severely trouble your physical and mental health such as chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. There are six long term effects of abuse, low self-esteem, depression, trouble forming and maintaining relationships, and educational difficulties which can cause the victim to feel isolated, fear and distrust. There is a cycle of abuse made up in four stages, the building of tension, the abuse, reconciliation, and a period of calm, which it can cycle around like every other cycle there is out there where you might relive it. 

Not only does it happen but because of it the victim can feel like it is their fault and try to ‘better’ themselves so it will not happen again which it normally does happen repeatedly. Psychological or mental abuse modify what people think, and emotional abuse affects what the victim feels, if you are being emotionally abused, being told things that are not true for example they say that you look like a hideous person, it will affect your feelings first and then it will go up into your brain making you think or believe that what they are saying is true. Not only that but emotional abuse can cause you to suffer cognitive impairment or memory problems, it works your brain to where you are always on alert and are unable to relax.