The Month de la Raza

Stephany, Reporter

The month of September marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month. During this month, our nation recognizes the many Hispanic/Latino cultures, countries, and the numerous contributions they, as a community, have made to our country. The idea of Hispanic Heritage month sprung back in 1968 with president Lydon Johnson which was only weeklong. It was later expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1998 to the month-long celebration we know today. Celebrated from September 15th to October 15th many take this as 

an opportunity to appreciate their roots through music, food, events and even simply sharing posts on social media. Remember, you don’t have to be Hispanic to participate!  

 Throughout the 30 daylong celebrations there are other important dates such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, and many other countries’ independence. Many are unfamiliar of Hispanic Heritage months themes. Every year, a new theme is chosen, this year’s theme is Esperanza: A celebration of Hispanic Heritage. This theme reflects resilience and encourages us to grasp onto it to push for a better tomorrow. Now that you know more about Hispanic Heritage month the question is, what will you do to celebrate this month? Will you learn how to cook your favorite Hispanic dish? Or maybe learn a traditional dance? The possibilities are endless.