Larry Fitzgerald Faces Free Agency


The greatest

Justin Smith, Reporter

Larry “Legend” Fitzgerald

Career and Free Agency

After 17 Solid years in the league Larry Fitzgerald has been released. Will he play again? I’m not sure, The Legend is a future 1st ballot hall of famer he has inspired me and many others to be great. As an athlete at the high-school level I’ve studied his film and how he plays the game. I’ve implemented it into my style of play, as well as learning his humbleness the way he approaches upsets. I’ve watched him all 17 years of his career and learned enough to be able to give a viewpoint on how I believe his career went.  Larry Fitzgerald Nicknamed “Larry Legend” was a huge part of the Arizona Cardinals for 17 consecutive years and has amassed 17,492 yards and 121 touchdowns over his career. His career began in 2004 when the Arizona Cardinals drafted him 3rd overall in the 2004 NFL Draft. He played collegiate football at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned unanimous All American honors. He is in fact regarded as one of the Greatest receivers in NFL history by his peers, fans and coaches .Larry Fitzgerald is Ranked 2nd All time in receiving yards just a little behind Jerry Rice. He played 21 years and amassed 22,895 yards. Larry played 17..The Legend amassed 17,492 of that which is insane. The Cardinals ended up releasing Larry Legend last year in the 2020 season so he is currently a free agent. Larry has been playing golf and spending time with family as he awaits a second opportunity to indulge in this game. He is severely deserving of a team; he is an incredible player and a great mentor. Although he isn’t necessarily a number one receiver anymore he can still be a valuable asset to any-team with his precision and great timing. Larry is very smart and a well earned veteran of the game. He can help implement a lot of new characteristics into the younger guys and help lead any team that’s just the type of man he is. Larry Fitzgerald’s Life has been a series of work, he has done and accomplished so much within his career. I love him because he was a highly doubted receiver, “he’s not fast enough “routes aren’t good enough”. He was always told “no” but he proved every single critic wrong making the toughest most insane catches the game has ever seen. A crazy stat not too many know about is having more tackles than he does drops. The dude is a straight offensive player so to hear he has more tackles then drops is insane he has 37 career tackles and 29 career drops and his career catch percentage is 61 percent. He has been targeted 2335 times and caught 1432 of those passes. He was one of the most reliable receivers in the game’s history anywhere you put the ball he’s coming down with it he was amazing. Larry recently just turned 37, and the Cardinals went ahead and released him because he wasn’t producing like how he used to in his prime. Still, in the 2020 season he helped the Cardinals by being a security blanket for the Cardinals with D-Hop being the number 1 guy Larry was forced to be the man underneath for Kyler Murray to scramble and find. Larry had 54 catches for 409 yards and 1 touchdown Before the end of his career with the Cardinals. Cardinals fans were pacing back and forth hoping the great Larry Legend would come back home for one more year; however the Cardinals never pulled the trigger. Larry Still has great desire to play but the only question now is where? There’s a lot of teams who could benefit from having him. The New York Jets recently just drafted a great receiver Elijah Moore from Ole miss. What if they picked up Larry to show him the ropes? They would have a great chance of doing something. Another team I could potentially see Larry going to is the Giants. The Giants receiving core is in need of some Proposition. Larry Legend is an 11 time Pro-Bowler, one time recipient, and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2010s All Decade Team. I feel as if the Legend deserves another shot. I think if he does come back though, his next team will be of Super Bowl Caliber. He has worked his entire career and is well deserving of a ring but came up short in the 2008 Super Bowl with an upset against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Larry fought extremely hard that game catching 7 passes for 127 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was clutch. When there was a play that needed to be made we gave the ball to Fitz. That’s his legend. Always being the man we needed as a team, always leading even in the upsets and making triumphs during those heartbreaking losses. Larry Legend is the Greatest receiver ever in my opinion.