Signing Out.

Gabrielle Meas, Reporter

Although these last two years has been hectic such as being a full virtual student and still having the pandemic going around, I am happy to say that I finished Junior Year with Honors. To whoever was on the same boat as me, kudos to you buddy! You did it! I would say, it was hard being a virtual student. Not being able to see friends, learning by looking at screen and not asking for help in person was definitely not easy. My perspective on “taking advantage” of school is completely different and I wish, I took the opportunities from school rather than not doing them. One thing, I wish I could have done better was to NOT procrastinate on certain projects, assignments and just need to work of my timing. I wanted to say that being in this Journalisms has been an amazing experience, learning and being aware of my surroundings, and it made me have more of an open mind amongst others. Over “Quarantine” I realize that I have learn a lot about myself and I have grown as a person…mentally. It has been a very “bumpy road” for me and my family etc., but we were able to push though as a whole. I am blessed, that I have a great support system behind me, and I am blessed to be healthy. In all honesty, I am ready for this summer, I can finally relax without 8-9 teachers overflowing me with assignments and tests. I can sleep peacefully without all the stress from school. This year was memorable in some ways and I am happy about the outcome of this school year. Be safe and stay blessed. Journalism reporter of 2020-2021, Gabrielle Meas signing out.