To this year and the next

Ayden Murray, Reporter

This year really has been an interesting one, the option of hybrid did not interest me at first because I did not think that it would help me too much. But after going through a whole school year online only I sometimes wish that I did. Not being able to contact teachers whenever I needed, it pushed me to figure things out for myself more than ever before and I feel like it changed how I learned. I am thinking of going back to hybrid or fully in person if that is an option for my junior year and hopefully be able to see my friends and get better grades in my classes. The breaks with advisory on Wednesdays were very helpful this year and a good break from work during the week, I hope that we continue doing them if we are still in hybrid next school year. I think I speak for all students when I say that I am ready for this summer, I’m ready for things to be open, go swimming, seeing my friends, and all the normal summer activities that we were not able to participate in last summer. I want to thank all the readers of the LHS Ledger for reading all of our stories and interacting with the website. Have a great summer everyone!