Job ideas for summer

Jacob Kitchen, News

Job ideas for the summer 

If you are looking to make money in the summer, I am here to talk about some jobs that can make you money as a high school student! With the summer season comes great weather and a well-deserved break from school Here are some examples. 

  1. Summer camp counselor 

One of the most popular summer job ideas for high school graduates are summer camp graduates, in most cases you get to journey outside your hometown and do a lot of outdoor activities. You will also build all kinds of useful talents and leadership skills. 

  1. Babysitter or nanny 

Nannies and babysitting are in much demand in warmer months, many parents are busy with work because there is no school for the kids so they have to hire a nanny or babysitter, in my personal experience a lot of my friends said they have made a good amount of money babysitting. 

  1. Lifeguard 

Not only being a lifeguard you can help those injured or drowning, but you will also get paid for just sitting and building a nice tan, whether you chooses a beach or ocean a lifeguard is most definitely a good summer job. 

  1. More great summer jobs 

The jobs above are mostly side hustles and are pretty popular summer jobs if you don’t want to work too hard, but if you are looking for some summer employment jobs here are some more examples cut short. 

  1. Retail sales associate 
  1. Sports coach 
  1. Cashier 
  1. Fast food employee 
  1. Theme park attendant 
  1. Food delivery person 
  1. Movie theatre worker 
  1. Photographer 
  1. Car wash attendant 


Well these are just some of my ideas for best summer jobs for students and I hope any of these helped.