Schooling Out of State

Christynie Forte, Reporter


Attending school when you’re not in the same state, across the country at that can be very difficult. For instance, I’m a virtual student and I hate it. I like to learn and get help in person, so being online is not that fun.

Now being out of state, it takes the fun out of the after-school activities you’re in I’m in JROTC and we have special teams within the program. I am in the Raiders team and we have virtual meetings every Tuesday. Some Saturdays they meet in person, so I’m really missing out here. I just can’t hop on a plane to fly out there for some Saturdays then come back.

But I mean going to school out of state is not all that bad.

  • I wake up two hours later than the entire school
  • I get to be with my family

But it has its disadvantages

  • You can’t pick up materials from school, you must get it mailed to you.
  • You can’t attend in-person meetings

For those who are wondering why, well it’s because I moved to Texas. I didn’t want to change schools, because for one half the year was almost over and I wanted to graduate with people I’ve known these past four years. But I’m very excited to be graduating in person with my classmates. It’s feels great to see them again.