Part-Time Jobs in Highschool

Ayden Murray, Reporter

Part-time jobs in Highschool 

As we students are getting older, we have more responsibilities and things we need to take care of and pay for. This means we must get part-time jobs in high schools in to pay for wants and needs such as insurance, gas, food, clothes, etc. There are not a lot of jobs that will hire you without prior experience and searching for a job in high school can be somewhat difficult.  

Some jobs that are possible to get in high school are, working in a grocery store, working fast food, going around the neighborhood cleaning houses, and even walking dogs that live around you. Most people would want a part-time job for a company such as McDonalds, or other fast-food restaurants. But in order to work at a McDonalds you must go online to the Washington food handlers card website and do a short hour lesson on how to handle food safely and other important information. Once you have completed the lesson, you must pay a small fee for a copy of your food handlers card which you can print off at home. If you were to work for a massive corporate chain, there would more likely be higher standards/expectations of work, as well as more paperwork to fill out to be able to get the job. Whereas if you were to go around your town, going into local businesses and ask for work, it would be less paperwork and overall, less of a process to get started and working. There may not be a lot of options when trying to find a job as a teen in high school, but if you keep applying and going into stores, you’d like to work at you will find a job.