The rise of Asian hate crimes

Jacob Kitchen, News

Asian hate crimes are nothing new, but since Covid-19 it has lengthened, the “hate” includes assault, murder, vandalism and just every crime you can think of on an individual. Asian Americans reported nearly 3,800 hate incidents this year. These are only the reported onesthere are many more that have not or not reported yet, showing that Asian Americans are vulnerable when it comes to discrimination. 

Verbal harassment and shunning accounted for 68% of the incidents, 11% are physical abuse. The hate incidents are reported all around all 50 states, and yes including Washington, in the city Tacoma, there is a video that shows two teens beating and harassing elderly Asians. These hate crimes can happen anywhere in between stores, businessessidewalks and even in homes. 

In West Vancouver, a resident said two of her neighbors cornered her on the street pulling their eyes back mocking her and saying, “go back to Wuhan b****.” Another is a 65-year-old Asian woman was physically assaulted in New York City. The same day, an Asian man was left unconscious after an attack on the subway. There are many more that deserve justice. A white man killed 6 Asian woman and a white police officer said “he was having a bad day” These are just a tiny portion of hate crime against Asian Americans, and once again, this is nothing new this has happened for years now but is now finally being talked about.