Cross Country Seniors Finishing Strong


Kelly Doyle

Cross Country Seniors before their final home meet.

Savanna Hardman & Kivi Johnson, guest contributor

The graduating class of 2021 cross country seniors are something special. The 2021 Lakes Cross Country teams seniors are none other than Brendan, Ben, Judah, Kaleb, Ashley, Amy, Sarah, Joan, and Victoria. Brendan, Judah, and Ashley are 4 year team members and have seen everything that the Lakes Cross Country team has to offer. They each bring their own kind of love and compassion to the team while also putting their focus in the sport and working hard every day for the past 4 years. Brendan is an amazing, dedicated worker who always thinks about the positives when it comes to running. Ben is always there to cheer you on and lift your spirits when having a bad day. Judah brings a kind of humor to the team, while also diligently putting the effort into his workouts that benefits him in races. Kaleb has noticeably been working harder than ever during this Corona season, and it’s really paying off in his performances. Ashley is the sweetest soul you will ever meet and is always the first person to give you a hug and congratulate you when you cross the finish line. Amy shows up ready to work and makes a great effort to know all the girls on the team, including the new runners. Sarah consistently goes above and beyond to get those extra miles in and is such a fun person to be around. Even though it’s her first year, Joan’s positivity makes a huge impact on everyone around her and brings the team closer together. Victoria is the kind of person everyone strives to be like. She works hard at every practice and is down to have a conversation with you any time of the day. Even though this cross country season has been different in nearly every aspect, these seniors have made such a big impact on the team, whether it is their first year or their fourth. They have shown up as leaders and role models and have been extremely welcoming to the new runners and incoming freshmen. They have kept the Lakes Cross Country mentality that has been with the team since before the 80’s; we are a family. Each and every one of them have been a role model to me as I have looked up to them as runners and as teammates these past 3 years. They have been through the ups and downs of life together from the happiness of both teams going to state for the first time in 30 years to the disappointment of Corona hitting the US and shutting life down. I would also like to give a shout out to the amazing coaches for sticking with the seniors and making this season be as memorable as possible for them even with all the strict guidelines. I know that they are all going to do great things in the future and hopefully will have a somewhat normal end to their high school journey. Once a Lancer, always a Lancer! Congratulations Class of 2021!