Meet the Coaches (Fall Sports Edition)


Desmond Kabia, Reporter

A couple of months ago we were uncertain that resuming (fall, winter, and spring) sports would be a realistic possibility. Now that at least fall sports resuming is a reality, why not get some inside information and perspective from some fall sport coaches and how they are looking at this situation and getting their team prepared for the upcoming season like no other. I asked each coach how they are adapting to these situations and how they are staying safe while playing and competing.

First let us start with coach Dave Miller and the Lakes JV/Varsity 2020-21 football team. “We are making sure our players and coaches are safe and doing our absolute best to follow the daily protocols of check in and procedure.” There is a negative for the situation as coach explains “not being able to use the indoor facilities such as locker rooms, weight room, meeting rooms, bathrooms, etc.” Coach Miller is doing an excellent job of keeping the players safe with staying away from equipment and locker rooms.

Next up is Coach Joe Clark and the 2020-21 Cross Country team. According to coach Clark, “one of the biggest challenges was for my team to stay motivated and connected. Usually, they do a lot of things together like team dinners, a team camp, and travel. Those can’t happen in Covid.” The cross-country team was impacted by the virus like everyone else, but this team was impacted off the field as well. “One takeaway is the importance of student connections and leadership.” Every team (especially this year) needs leadership and connections with other teams, and it sounds like coach Clark has that on his team which is especially important to success.

Now let us move on to Coach Garrett Miller and the 2020-21 Girls Golf team. “Social distancing is fairly easy on a golf course; however, we have to learn new ways to move around each other near the tee box, greens and practice area.” Golf does not struggle with safety precautions as much as the other sports since social distancing is not a huge issue and golf is not necessarily a contact sport. “The need for structured activities is more crucial than I could have predicted. Practicing is rarely seen as a fun experience. However, being allowed to practice now has a different vibe to it.” What coach Miller is saying is before the pandemic, Girl’s golf practices were not the most exciting experience in the world. But now with the long break due to the pandemic, players are simply happy to be out there playing the sport they love whether it is in practice or in the real game.

Finally, we have the 2020-21 Boys Golf team led by head coach Ted Henderson. “Since golf is an individual sport and courses have been open, I know some of my players have been playing the whole time. The biggest adjustment that we have to make this season is that players are required to wear their masks.” I like mentioned before, golf has the least worries of social distancing since it is such an individual and contactless sport. “I feel as though we could have easily had our golf season during the regular season which would have been from late August to mid-October. I am very disappointed that there will be no district or state tournaments this season.” Coach Henderson and the boys golf team are upset and disappointed of not having a postseason as those goals were severely impacted by COVID-19. But still a lot to look forward to as the season goes on.

It was great communicating with these coaches and learning every single one of their experiences and protocols during the season. I am sure everyone is happy just to be out there playing the sport they love and just going out and competing. The lancer coaches are doing a tremendous job with their respective teams of keeping everyone safe and still trying to adapt to this new norm. It was great as I learned so much about everyone is experiences this season. Go Lancers!