Why You Should Choose Journalism

Christynie Forte, Reporter

Do you like reading, writing, finding, and creating news? Then Journalism is for you. Let’s get started on a little bit of history shall we, around 1609 the first daily newspapers published appeared in German cities and in Antwerp. In 1622, the first English paper, the Weekly News, was published. In 1702, one of the first daily papers, The Daily Courant, appeared.

Now you’re probably thinking that Journalism is not that interesting, but that’s not true, there are different types of Journalism. These types are entertainment, sports, opinion, investigative, etc., this is so you never get bored of finding news to write about.

What can you learn from Journalism?

If you choose to join Journalism, you can learn things that may be helpful in your future. As the students read, react to, and write their own news and feature stories, they learn research skills, responsible reporting, and journalistic writing techniques. The students conduct interviews, research, compose, and design publications of their own.

Let’s say you wanted to start a career in Journalism, what are the benefits you get for getting into it? First and foremost, you’ll never stop learning, you do that for a living, you get to travel, you are working among people that are passionate and informed and care about what they do, you get to meet a lot of people who are interesting, also you know your community better than the local journalist, etc.

Why is Journalism important?

The purpose and importance of journalism is to inform society with the information they need to live their lives, according to the American Press Institute website. The world would be oblivious without journalism, its significant because it provides the public with current and relevant information and news. Remember that journalism never dies, it starts with the students.