Captain Sir Tom Moore, the man who raised $45 million for healthcare workers, died

Courtney Volavka, Reporter

Captain Sir Tom Moore, the British Army officer who raised more than 33 million pounds (equivalent to 45 million USD) for NHS healthcare workers in Britain who would later be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, died on Feb 2nd, 2021 due to complications with the coronavirus and pneumonia 

Captain Sir Tom was born on April 30th, 1920 in Keighley, England. His father, Wilson Moore was builder and came from a long line of builders. His mother, Isabella Moore, was a teacher at a local school. He survived the Wall Street Crash that affected the world when he was young. At the age of 12 he found his love of motorcycles when he saw one in a barn and bought it with his money and fixed it.  

He left school at the age of 20 to become an apprentice in civil engineering. During his apprenticeship, WWII began, and he was enlisted in the army. He served in India, Burma, and Sumatra. After WWII, Captain Sir Tom stayed in the army, working as an instructor at the Armored Fighting Vehicle School in Dorset. In 1949, he married his first wife, Billie. 

11 years later he left the army and became a sales manager for a roofing company in Yorkshire. A few years later he divorced Billie and thought that he would never find love again. That was until he met Pamela, she was one of his employer’s office manager. They fell in love with each other and got married. Together they had two children. 

In 1992, Captain Sir Tom retired at the age of 72 from his job and moved to Spain with Pamela. However, they had to move back to England after Pamela was diagnosed with dementia. He took care of Pamela for two years and after she was in a nursing home, he went to visit her every single day until the day she died in 2006.  

After Pamela’s death, Capt. Sir Tom moved in with his youngest daughter, Hannah so that he would not be lonely. He was treated for skin cancer and later broke his hip riding his motorcycle, which forced him to retire from racing, when he was 98 years old 

When the lockdown for the pandemic hit, Capt. Sir Tom decided to walk 100 laps before his birthday for healthcare workers in NHS (National Health Service). His initial goal was 1,000 pounds (around 1,400 dollars) but when word of his got out, he not only received praise from people across the world as far as North America but also went over his initial goal to 33 million pounds (close to 45 million dollars). When he walked his final lap, an honor guard saluted him. A few days later two WWII fighter planes flew over his home as a tribute. Also, people gave Capt. Sir Tom more than 160,000 birthday cards 

Capt. Sir Tom was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, at Windsor Castle on July 17th, 2020. Two weeks before his death he tested positive for Covid-19. He later died in the hospital due to complications with Covid-19 and pneumonia 

Even after his death Capt. Sir Tom still inspires people to this day. He inspired others to give back and even inspired. children to give back as wellAs a tribute for Capt. Sir Tom’s and what he has done for the world a foundation was created in his name called The Captain Tom Foundation the foundation raises money to combating loneliness, creating a good education and equality for everyone, and to support NHS.