Returning to sports practice, a sigh of relief

Desmond Kabia, Reporter

One word I can describe this situation for our student athletes is “eager”. They have been waiting and preparing patiently since the news broke in the early fall that the fall and winter sports would be postponed. But you must remember, this is not no ordinary season. If you are going to play and compete in sports this year you will have to endure safety precautions all season long. According to the athletic director, Gary Larson “All coaches have been trained through CPSD Safe Schools on details of the Coronavirus and COVID 19. Coaches have had further training procedures to have students back on campus safely.” This means all coaches have been well educated and prepared on this situation by the district on how to keep not only the students but themselves safe while continuing with sports. The district is not only creating these precautions, but they are also strictly enforcing them as well for the importance of safety of our student athletes and everyone else that is involved. Other fall sports unfortunately will have to wait until our region is in phase 2. More good news is that starting on February 8th, Golf. Girls Swim and Cross Country will be starting up again. Me personally did not think it would be possible to play fall, winter, or spring sports this academic school year. I am glad and appreciative to all the people who made this possible and put us in this position to play and compete in sports this year even in these circumstances we were faced with this past year. This is positive news for everyone, and I cannot wait to see our student athletes play the sports they love throughout the end of this school year.

UPDATE: Monday February 1,our region will move to phase 2. That means all Fall sports will be able to begin.