What is the Knowledge Bowl?

Knowledge Bowl

Caprice Cain, Reporter

While many activities and sports are shut down, Lakes Knowledge Bowl is competing. The Knowledge Bowl is an academic quiz-like competition in the States and in many other parts of the world. The questions are supplied by the Academics Hallmark company of Durango, Colorado. 

While there are some regional differences, the meet formats usually consist of teams of four to six students answering questions in one written round, which is multiple choice taken by each team as a whole, and several oral rounds. No one gets eliminated, and everyone participates. Each round, the teams are rearranged based on the number of accumulated points and results of the written round are used to place teams in the oral rounds.  

In oral rounds, three teams are placed in each room and use an electronic lock-out device system in which they may buzz in to answer a question a reader presents. If they get the question wrong, no points are lost but another team may choose to answer based on who buzzed in first. The winner is decided by which teams has the most points at the end of the meet.  

Lakes Knowledge Bowl team members: 

Captain: Jacob Broughan 12 

Co-Captain: Lura Shultis 12 

Co-Captain: Adeline Harman 11 

Joan Fort 12 

Kyungmin Yook 12 

Joshua Shultis 9 

Karley Chiles 11 

Jacqueline Tapp