Fun Things To Do On Thanksgiving

A cartoony turkey in a pilgrim style hat

Ren Cutrer, Reporter

Thanksgiving is an unusual holiday to begin with, political families screaming at each other, tiny children racing around and large feasts with relatives you might not like. With 2020, this year for Thanksgiving, we have COVID-19 preventing large family gatherings. This will either be a large relief or rather disappointing, to keep the Thanksgiving spirit somewhat alive, here are some fun things to do this year.  

  1. Thanksgiving bingo. Bingo is always a fun game to play with family so why not theme it to the holiday?  
  2. Thanksgiving colouring pages. If you have younger siblings at home, print these out and let them colour their turkeys to their heart’s content.  
  3. Harvest bowling. If you own an outdoor bowling set whip up a game of harvest bowling. Just don’t use pumpkins as the ball unless you want pumpkin guts everywhere. 
  4. Thanksgiving corn hole. Just like harvest bowling, if you have a corn hole set then turkey theme it! Plays just like regular corn hole but with Thanksgiving themes. 
  5. And finally, for number five we have turkey tag. You can find a turkey pin in most craft stores and stick them on a family member’s clothes which has them pass the turkey along.  

There you have it, five fun Thanksgiving activities! Hope these help your holiday become less boring and stay safe.