Drama Club

Smiling and frowning mask

Ren Cutrer, Reporter

Drama club, an after-school activity where students can hang out or make some new friends. Now normally if one was in the building you would just go down to Mrs. Navarro’s room in the P building. Since we are online you can email her for the join code or even ask a friend you know in the club for the code. In drama club we mostly just get to know each other for the first few meetings but once names are exchanged, it’s time to play. We play a variety of games hosted by our president, Lura Shultis or vice president, Mackenna Egan of drama club. Sometimes it is a simple improv game or like we did for our first meeting, we turn on all our cameras and pass an object around. Drama club is a fun way to relieve any stress and to make new friends as well as just have a place to hang out. Drama club also hosts information about upcoming plays and musicals, our winter virtual play is Sci-Fi Scenes and Monster Dreams. Contact her for info on drama club and for the play! Mrs. Navarro’s email is: [email protected]