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What is Clickbait? The Answer will Baffle You!

Is Clickbait an Evil on The Internet?

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Does Clickbait drive you crazy? How negative is Clickbait really? and what IS Clickbait itself? Clickbait is a phenomenon on the internet where the creator of article or said video uses the title to entice someone to consume their content. Commonly the title being misleading or overly exaggerated to pull in the viewer. This technique as well can use uses of negative emotions, like anger to ensure that the listener, viewer, etc. baffled by the content angrily clicks to see what they have to say. As this keeps them on the page longer, overall making them more money. Views is the main purpose of clickbait, and clickbait varies. Some videos use a picture of a random hot girl to get various guys to view– or some political nonsense to anger one side to view and comment in their anger. Either way, clickbait rarely tries to evoke happiness as it rarely gets clicks or views, as it doesn’t do anything to entice the viewer normally. Website’s like Buzzfeed are famous for this, and it’s a widespread topic about how stupidly clickbait-y their titles & articles are. Just going onto the website’s top 15 biggest articles at the moment the trend is apparent. Buzzfeed uses polls or quizzes to get clicks, stupid things like “Make A Sandwich To Find Out What People Like Most About You” and “It’s Basically Impossible To Get Every Single Question Right On This 11th-Grade AP US History Test” which even made me click. In short, the point of clickbait is to get you to click, it can make you go crazy– that is it’s point! it can annoy you, anger you or any variation of way for you to consume their content. Sometimes said content not even being what they claimed in their title or thumbnail! Clickbait isn’t so horrible, but it’s certainly an annoying occurrence on social media.








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