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Black History Month


Since its founding in 1976, Black history month observed annually in the US to honor and acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments, enduring legacies and profound contributions made by African Americans throughout the history of the country. This significant month invites contemplations on the roles played by famous and brave people, including educators like ruby bridges, resistance icons like rosa parks, trailblazes for freedom like Harriet Tubman and leaders like Martin Luther king jr. These individuals, along with numerous others have been highlighted in education environments to guarantee that next generations are cognizant of their lasting influence on the social structure of American and he ongoing fight for justice and equality.

African Americans to remember.

 The black panthers- African American revolutionary party formed in the 1960s although the black panthers were portrayed as a gang and violent, but the black panthers had several main goals, they aimed to combat police brutality, promote self-defense within black communities and to advocate for the rights of African Americans, they also worked towards improving education, healthcare, and housing for black people.

Garret Morgan- Morgan grew up in a time of racial segregation and faced many challenges, but he didn’t let stop him Garret morgan was an African American inventor and entrepreneur, he is best known for his invention of the gas mask and the traffic signal. His inventions have had a significant impact on public safety and transportation.

Shirley Chrisholm- The first African American elected to the United States congress, she served in the house of representatives from 1969-83. Shirley Chisholm was a trailblazer and a champion for civil rights, women rights and education, in 1972 she made a history run for the presidency becoming the first African American woman to seek nomination for president.

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I want history to remember me… not as the first black woman to have made a bid for the presidency of the United States, but as a black woman who lived in the 20th century and who dared to be herself. I want to be remembered as a catalyst for change in America.

— Shirley Chisholm

Robert Smalls was an important figure in American history. He was enslaved African American who escaped slavery during the civil war, Smalls went on to serve in the union navy and later became a politician, advocating for civil rights and equality. His bravery and determination made him a symbol of hope and resilience during a challenging time in American history.

Maurice Ashley- Maurice Ashley is an American chest player, the first African American to earn an International Grandmaster chess title, he has made significant contributions to the world of chess and is known for his expertise and passion for the game.  

Jonh Baxter Taylor- First African American to win an Olympic gold medal in the 1908 summer Olympics.

Jane Bolin- She holds the distinction of being the first African American woman to become a judge in the United States, she served as a judge in the New York domestic relations court for over 40 years advocating for equality in the legal system. As the first African American women to become a judge in the United States she shattered barriers and paved the way for future generations of woman and people of color in the legal system.

Jimi Hendrix was an incredible musician and one of the most influential guitarists in rock history. He was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle WA, he was known for his virtuosic skills, mesmerizing stage presence and his ability to create unique sounds with his instrument. Some of his of his famous songs include “Purple haze”, “Hey joe” and “all along the watchtower” Hendrix music continues to inspire and captivate audience to this day.

Pat McGrath- A highly influential and talented makeup artist and entrepreneur, Pat Mcgrath is known for her groundbreaking work in the fashion and beauty industry creating iconic looks for runway shows and collaborating with major brands. in the past week one of her makeup looks went viral after she used her amazing talent and transformed models into porcelain dolls, inspiring content creators to use her technique creating amazing makeup looks.

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