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Success at the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference – Lincoln Drill Meet Results (2/3/24)


JROTC, besides being a class, also has a few special teams such as: Color Guard, Drill, PT Team, Raiders Team and many more. Drill and Rifle is one of the competitions in which the cadets of our school that are part of these “special teams” can attend.

The Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference – Lincoln Drill Meet took place on February 3rd, 2024. It was a highly competitive event, and I’m excited to share the results with you.

Physical Strength Teams

In the Physical Strength category, PT Team #1 once again showcased their exceptional skills and took home the 1st Place team trophy. Additionally, Jackson Lord and Wyatt Blanchard demonstrated their individual strengths and abilities by securing 2nd and 3rd place in the Ironman competition. Elira Blanchard, on the other hand, claimed the 1st place Ironwoman medal, showcasing her outstanding physical abilities.


Moving on to the Marksmanship category, our Sporter Rifle team displayed their precision and skill, earning them the 1st place trophy. The Precision Rifle team also performed admirably, securing the 2nd place team trophy. Eryn McAvoy and Jordan West stood out as exceptional individual Precision shooters, placing 2nd and 3rd respectively, narrowly missing the top spot by just 1 point. Carl Sambuena and Adriana Hecker contributed to the team’s success by securing the 2nd and 3rd place Sporter Individual Medals.

Drill Teams

Now let’s take a look at the results of the various Drill Teams:

Unarmed Team

The brand-new Unarmed Drill Team made an impressive showing, securing 3rd place in only their second outing. c/1LT Amara McCorkle, the Team Commander, showcased her exceptional leadership skills and captured the 2nd place Team Commander medal.

Armed Team

In the Armed Team category, c/CSM Tim Moser demonstrated his outstanding command abilities and took home the 1st Place Commander medal.

Dual Armed Exhibition

c/CSM Moser and c/CPT Malo formed a formidable duo in the Dual Armed Exhibition, earning them the 3rd Place medals.

Dual Unarmed Exhibition

c/2LT Womack and c/SSG Palermo showcased their synchronization and skill in the Dual Unarmed Exhibition, securing a well-deserved 2nd place standing. Sisters c/SFC Luii and c/CPL Jesus also made their mark by earning the 3rd place medals.

Individual Armed Exhibition

c/CPL Parson achieved a PERFECT SCORE, demonstrating exceptional skill and earning the 1st place medal in the Individual Armed Exhibition.

These outstanding performances by the various teams and individuals truly exemplify the dedication, hard work, and talent of the cadets from our school at the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their remarkable achievements!

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Iker Andueza, Reporter
Hi! I'm Iker, an exchange student from the north of Spain.  I'm 16 years old. I'm doing XC, swimming and track here but in Spain I used to do triathlon. I like everything related to photography and videos.

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  • R

    RowanMar 1, 2024 at 10:54 am

    I love getting to hear about the success of our Lakes JROTC members. I can’t imagine how much time they put into practicing for their comps!