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Cops vs Teachers!


The annual basketball match between Cops and Teachers is going to be on April 26th; might seem like an ordinary game between people but it means so much more than that. This game brings in friends, families and most importantly resources that can be given to the charity of the year.

But what did this originally stand for? This charity was meant to honor cops that were shot and killed in the line of duty. So, this was meant to show respect towards the family and friends that lost someone during the shooting in way that could bring good into the future from a horrible experience from the past by playing a match that invites in the community.

The donations are a big part of this event, so you would think you would need to pay, but it’s an optional choice which allows more people to enter even if they don’t have enough to give to the cause. If you do decide to donate or buy food the funds will go straight to the charity. You can also donate more than money; many people and groups donate baskets that are sometimes themed and then put into a silent auction.

The charity is going to be funding the Late-Night Youth YMCA program which is meant to provide an environment for people to show up and play during late evening hours and to offer a chance to learn multiple lessons and participate in activities. The fund from the event allows them to use they’re recourses without forcing the people using them to pay which allows for more people to enter.

Who plays in this event? In this event the people who participate in it aren’t just from Lakes, they’re from all over Lakewood and Tacoma including cops as well as teachers from other schools. The open event allows more people to attend and participate.

For more info you can press this link.

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My name is Jack Brewer, I play basketball and baseball. This my first year of journalism and my third year at Lakes high school. I lived in Tacoma for 3 years of my life and the rest here in Lakewood. I'm a Golden State Warriors and a Seattle Seahawks fan.        

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    RowanMar 1, 2024 at 10:48 am

    This is so good to know and learn more about! Cops vs. teachers is always a fun event and I’m grateful that it can. bring together Lakes and our Lakewood community.