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Block Schedule vs Traditional Schedule; An Educators’ Debate

Is a Split Schedule Better Than the Traditional Ways of American Schooling?

As a student that has been in both variants of schedules, there is many differences; and in my eye’s cons to the both, though as well pros to each. Beginning with Pro’s to Block Schedules, separating your classes per day allows for a greater number of classes, and periods of breaks between assignments which can give more time for homework and a mental break for perhaps a Class a student might dread to go to. Though, a circumstance that can be seen in these schedules is an uneven amount of time for a certain day each week– And sometimes for instance at the end of a semester, can lead to way less time in certain classes than others due to the structure of classes. Which doesn’t occur in classical, more common sixth period days which in each class is taken each day and never left out. Though, it is believed that due to less periods per day, and longer classes block schedules let students digest their material in class much better. Additionally, to counteract that, missing class is a much more serious problem, as classes are longer, and they’re split between entire days; it can be hard to recover. And loss of continuity of the block schedule does not help this case. As subjects change drastically daily. Though, this can also give variety and therefore break a sense of looping everything forever, something traditional schedules do not give. Traditional Schedules throughout the year can feel as if you’re having no new experience, and with everything being the same no matter what; with no switch up of classes it can tire you out. Therefore, in a lot of ways both have cons, alongside their pros; there is not exactly a right answer and it depends on the preference of the student on what looks more appealing to them; as both can work depending on child. Perhaps Parents & Guardians can get involved with their students to see what they’d prefer for their own schooling experience.

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Carter J. Burgess, Reporter
Hello. I'm Carter Burgess. I am 15 years old & am a Journalist for Lakes High School. I enjoy writing; learning about history of people.

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  • L

    Lou WomackFeb 9, 2024 at 10:28 pm

    I hear many teachers address their own opinions when it comes to block schedule! It’s great that we are addressing this and highlighting the importance of student and parental input!