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AI In 2023


AI technology has advanced, especially in 2023 with AI art and Chatbots. Chatbots give you an AI generated response and try to convey human emotion in the response. It can even write essays and emails for you. AI art is art that is generated by AI, to use it you type what you want drawn and the AI will create the art for you. A lot of artists have expressed their distaste for AI art, this is because it is fake and lacks human emotion. People have also said that their artwork has been stolen. Chatbots are AI that will generate text for you with a topic of your choosing, and recently it has been a trend to use it for school assignments. People have been using it in major assignments, such as essays. With AI’s advancement some schools have not caught on, and students are getting away with this. There has also been a trend where people are using AI to copy a celebrity’s voice and use it to make them sing anything. AI clearly has taken a big step last year in 2023. With these advancements, who knows what the capabilities AI will have in 2024.

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Sutasinee McBride
I am a senior and I go to Lakes High School, and I've been going to school here for three years now. I was born right here in Washington at Madigan. This is the first year I've taken journalism. My hobbies are listening to music and watching TV.

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