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Staff And Their Favorite Superheroes!

Today we Will be Interviewing Teachers on Their Favorite Heroes And Why!

One question that lingers among all students is the need-to-know what teachers’ favorite superheroes are, which of course now can be answered! Starting off with Mr. Durant, a General Substitute Teacher and many students’ favorite. The only person to vote Wolverine, Mr. Durant rambling on about how ‘Bad A’ he was, with his sick claws as well as how he was able to take on other heroes like Hulk without fear. Ms. Elshire and Ms. Matsuda. both family and both funnily having the same answers– Hawkeye. Elshire tying in how he believes he could be an excellent leader due to his ability to aim well and ‘always be in the right place at the right time’, and Ms. Matsuda not having a really specific reasoning. Mr. Hunter of course, if you have ever seen his room, picked Batman. Picking the Hero because he believed he is the only one based in reality with no superpowers. Mr. Hughes picked an odd choice, a person based in Greek Mythology, Sisyphus. Overall, many teachers have varying reasons for why they enjoy their specific hero, and interviewing such was an interesting exploration, perhaps these answers and reasonings mean something to the Teachers Character.

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