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Three sentence scary stories.

Student submitted work.

The screams of millions cried out in horror and anguish only to be silenced shortly thereafter.  The ignorance of a select few who tried to play God had now doomed the many to live in a world where only the cold eerie silence filled the empty void.  Judgment day had arrived, and Humanity had failed its trial. -Wyatt Blanchard 

I heard my son screaming from outside, he always is disturbing the neighbors.   As I walk towards the door, I notice something sitting on the shelf.   It’s my son’s urn. – Olivia Cheng 


 I watched as my little brother tip-toed down the dark, swallowing hallway and it was at THAT moment that I realized it would be the last time I would ever see him.  From what I remember, my stomach dropped, my heart ached, my eyes welted, my ears shrank from the view of him getting distinguishingly devoured by a who-knows-what.  The feeling of him leaving my sight in the blink of an eye and the sounds do not even get me started with the sounds, of his petrified and bloodcurdling shriek of him taking his last breath, and I losing my only brother.  – Dana Dungca 


 As darkness encroaches, blood rushes and my ears pound.  A shuddersome giggle echoes, and I flip like an exclamation point.  Dread floods my soul, while my heart sinks like a stone in water. – Paul Kang 


 I pass the old lady’s portrait every night walking down the hall.  Tonight, I noticed she had disappeared from the portrait, leaving only the background scenery.   When I awoke at midnight, she had reappeared, only this time, she was standing over me. – Maya Stephens 


 I felt a dip in the mattress and got excited considering that my wife had been missing for two weeks now.  I turned around to face her, but I couldn’t see my wife.  What I did see was something dash across the room, and a warm breath on my back. – Morgan Bay 


 After every meal my mother cooks, she goes to the bathroom to throw up.  But every day I perfect it when she’s not looking.  Finally, she has stopped and sleeps in the dining chair. – Minette Harris 

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