Running Start Opportunities


Emily Smith, Reporter

Are you interested in Running start? Running start is a program for high school students to get essentially a full ride of technical college for free when you transfer schools and begin your trade learning. When you do running start, you become a student of said school, continuing your graduating requirements, while beginning your trade. 

On Wednesday October 26th, Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) is hosting a Career fair! Starting at 3pm and ending at 7pm. Ranging from teens to adults, anyone is welcome to attend this career fair. A career fair gives students the opportunity to take a deeper look into each trade offered at Clover Park before you take the leap.  

Everyone can understand the heavy stress of choosing a career, this career fair allows a hands-on experience for each individual job. Although small, this can open a new passion you didn’t know about. Not only do you get this in-depth experience, but you are also given the opportunity to talk to the teachers and ask more 1 on 1 questions.