ASB Wednesday Announcements


Erin McDowell and Beverley Kirkwood

Lakes ASB announcements are becoming a big part of our advisory, something students don’t want to miss. We had the pleasure of interviewing Omar Arroyo and Aidan Balatbat who are a part of our Lakes ASB. They are the main people behind Wednesday announcements. Aidan is the producer, he assigns everyone their part in the videos, and Omar is the director/ face of Lancer on the street. Striving to find out their process of how the announcements are created, we asked a series of questions.

The process of coming up with segment ideas is focused on what would make people the most interested and entertained. They don’t want people putting their heads down or not paying attention, they want them interested.

The process that goes into filming is getting all the segments planned and then recording. After that, they get everything to Aidan and Carly for them to edit.

Deadlines are before Wednesday; they need to be done for the announcements to be shown during advisory. To get the product out, Aidan and Carly do a big part of the editing, sometimes people work hard late into the night on Tuesdays to get everything done.

The ASB prefers making announcements in a video format. This format is more engaging with the audience compared to their freshman year when the announcements were done on the speakers.

To let the ASB know about events/ information to put in the announcements students and staff can scan QR codes that are scattered around the school and in the Wednesday videos. As a last resort, you could talk to Omar or one of the ASB students.

Some of Omar and Aidan’s favorite segments so far this year have been Lancer on the street and Sport’s center. These have been the most popular and engaging segments so far. Many students have praised these segments and said that they enjoy watching the announcements because of it.

The ASB team put in a lot of time and effort into creating these engaging and fun announcements. While we were waiting for our interview, we got to view the class producing new ideas, Ezra Lay, Carly Sherman, and Rowen Dixon were leading the conversation while the others contributed their ideas, they were proposing ways to make the HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) assembly more engaging. The environment that the ASB creates in their classroom is encouraging, supportive and team oriented.

Seeing how much effort the ASB team puts in, we hope that you try your best to pay attention to the announcements and encourage the team!