Lakes Drama Club


Emily Smith, Reporter

Lakes Drama Making A Difference 

Drama club is an exciting after-school club where students get to perform and do what they love! Drama club allows students to have fun while also setting themselves up with helpful tips to be better on stage, as well as an exhilarating experience performing on stage. Drama club is not only a fun experience, but it shows students and parents how much importance it holds to teachers and others. While drama club is fun, some take it profoundly seriously while being enrolled in the during school classes. For most, drama club is just a fun way to relax and enjoy the opportunities held by Lakes High school. 

“I absolutely love being the advisor for Drama Club and the after-school plays. It is such a fun experience with either being funny and goofy in a safe place for drama club or pretending to be someone you’re not for after school play production.  The cast and crew of the plays really become a family and tend to stay friends even after the play is over. I love to see how students step out of their comfort zone and really shine in the spotlight.” Said Mrs. Navarro director of Drama club, as well drama and stagecraft during school hours.   

Out of thousands of teachers who applied, to be one of 17 teachers, 15 main teachers and 2 alternate teachers, to be a part of the EdTA Connected Arts Networks Project. This is a PLC group who will focus on creating lessons and standards for equity, diversity, inclusion, and social emotional learning in a theatre classroom. What this means is that my classes will be helping the process next year and trying out some of the lessons that we will be developing. I am the only one from Washington and I am so excited to represent Lakes and Washington! Recently Said Mrs. Navarro. 

We are very proud of you Navarro, keep up the great work!