Reilly Erickson , Reporter

With all our wonderful clubs a new club has started this year called eSports. On Thursday’s from 2:30pm- 3:45pm you can join people who are wanting to compete against other people for fun. In this club you can improve your teamwork along with strategic thinking, performance skills, and communication. As said by the clubs own president this year Fredrick Smith– “Personally, I feel as though Esports is a fantastic way to connect with people, interact with people who enjoy video games as well, building friendships, and developing teamwork/communication strategies. If you are someone who enjoys these types of things, this is the club for you. Just stop by on Thursdays after school to see how you feel. We usually meet in P204!” Esports is a wonderful place with a lot of fantastic people that you can learn new skills from and see different strategies for playing some games that you can love in and out of school. Esports Own Co-Advisor Ms. Ullen even states “I am incredibly proud of the core group of students who dedicated themselves to building the Lakes High School Esports Team this school year! Creating any type of club is difficult, but even more so when dealing with technological and security issues. Although our growth was not as quick as any of us had hoped, we are in a perfect position for a strong start next year. I look forward to watching our team crush it in the first state Esports tournament of 2022-2023!” Even as a new club this year Esports has grown tremendously they already have access to Jersey accounts, which is a huge step forward for such a new club at lakes high school. They are working towards joining their first tournament next year which will be a big accomplishment. If you are interested in joining you can stop by this year or even next year for a whole fresh start, Ms.Ullens Room P204 on Thursday afternoons.