Japan Fest


Lilianna Brandt, reporter

Mr. Shultis students are holding a Japanese festival on May 11th during all three lunches (10:30-12:35) in the main gym opened to all students. This event is meant for educational and fun way of celebrating Japan’s traditions! There will be student led booths and activities including an origami game, arts and crafts, trivia, cosplaying, tag, as well as a live performance. There will be many things to keep you occupied and lose track of time. They are also hosting a two-art contest, one for anyone to join and the other is class specific. If you want to join the art contest you must submit your work to Mr. Shultis directly before May 11th. If you want to see any seek peeks or possible regarding information you can check out lakes_jfest22 on Instagram. We all hope to see you there!