Park Appreciation Day


Emily Smith, Reporter

What is Park Appreciation day? Park appreciation day is a day to celebrate the wonderful places memories are made. Park appreciation day is often represented as a day to give back to your community, to help clean or to simple enjoy. Go to your local parks to help cleanup, support your community, get to know your community, and get community service hours! Bring friends and family, everyone is welcome, the more the merrier! Learn more about your neighbors, this is a perfect chance to get out of the house and help your community, in a healthy interactive way! Going to clean up these parks can be a really rewarding feeling, especially if you find yourself going often. APRIL 23 2022

American Lake Park  Fort Steilacoom Park 
  • Underwater swim area cleanup
  • Weed removal
  • Beach cleanup
  • Mulch beds
  • Paint restroom, bulkhead 
  • Restore cemetery markers
  • Remove invasive weeds
  • Add playground chips
  • Wash playground equipment
  • Paint restroom
  • Mulch beds 
Springbrook Park  Lakewood Police Department 
  • Garden cleanup
  • Clover Creek restoration
  • Remove invasive weeds 
  • Clean and mulch beds 
Community Garden Wards Lake Park 
  • Fill beds with new soil
  • Weed between planters 
  • Garbage removal
  • Fence sanding
  • Add playground chips
  • Add chips to trails
  • Paint restroom building