Calling All Dog Companions


Emily Smith, All

Steilacoom Park is right around the corner from Lakes High school, if you have a dog, consider taking your companion on a walk to the park. Steilacoom Park is 100% dog friendly, it has a large dog park, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, consider taking them around the rest of the park. Having lovely open fields in the front, and awesome small dirt paths in the forestry back. Consider giving your dog the opportunity to meet other dogs and explore new smells around the field.  

Not only is this a great idea for your beloved dog, but also for you! Going to the park is a great way to get outside for some good social interaction, and vitamin D. With the company of your 4-legged best friend beside you! 

The Steilacoom dog park is a very larger chunk of land, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your dog. If your dog can be a little timid, no worries! There are different sections to the dog park, if you would like to have space to yourself! Bring toys, and have fun with your beloved pet. Unfortunately when your not in the dog park, your dog must be on leash!