The Solo Exhibition of Frozen Time

Aldo Duran, journalist



The sun shines down as the two kids are walking peacefully through the forest carrying the two makeshift bags that were made out of animal hide.

“Hey Emdro, when do you think we’ll find the next town? I’m getting tired of just walking around aimlessly.” Jaxton said, hardly being able to walk as his legs tremble from walking for the past four days.

“I don’t know if I’m being honest Jaxton, the last city we ran into was completely empty, and this forest just seems to get thicker as each hour goes by” Emdro explains as he’s floating a few feet above Jaxton. The kids find an opening in the forest and come across a small lake and find a few houses that seemed abandoned, Emdro and Jaxton decide to search each thoroughly, to try and salvage anything that they are able to.

I don’t think that we’ll find anything here, everything is run down and seems like whoever was here, made sure to take everything that was worth taking to help them survive

Emdro kept looking around, saw a small chest and bags that were laying around the inside and out of the small cottages, Jaxton entered the building holding out what looked to be a compass. “I got no clue what this is, or what it’s used for, but I found it surrounded by some like small flying blue orbs” Jaxton held out the compass to let Emdro get a better look at it. The compass that had a bright sky blue outer surface and the interior was more a darkened gold color, the compass started pointing towards North and South back a fourth, the compass started to grow brighter. Soon voices could be heard from the compass

“Jaxton, I don’t think grabbing the compass was a good idea.” Fear showed on Emdro’s face as the voices started to grow louder and louder, telling them that the compass guide them to a more promising life, they are able to be granted whatever wish they have in mind.

“Jaxton, we have to get out of here quickly, it’s dangerous here.” Emdro looked over at Jaxton to see him holding the compass tightly in his hand. Emdro tried shaking Jaxton out of the illusion. Emdro failed and he too fell into illusion. Emrod and Jaxton woke up in a room, with light coming through the big window in front of them, both of them very confused, as minutes earlier they were in the forest captured by the illusion from the voices.

“Jaxton, I don’t recognize this kingdom” Emrod standing at the big window amazed at how enormous the kingdom was, there was a knock at the door and in came a beautiful lady in a dress, she was a maid, She was holding food trays, as she walked over to the small table to the right of the bed.

“Breakfast is served, prince Emrod and prince Jaxton, I as well have a message from the king, he is requesting that you two make way to the armory” The maid walked out of the room before either of them could get a word out.

“I don’t like the looks of this Emrod, ” Jaxton told him. The two boys started to make their way to the armoury with the aid of a guard that was escorting them, they soon arrived at the armoury where the king was waiting for them with 2 hooded figures standing next to him.

“Boys, today is an important day for you two, today is the day you decide your future” Turning around to pick up two orbs, one was a bright pinkish yellowish orb, the other was a bluish greyish orb.

“Jaxton I don’t think this is a good idea, I don’t like this feeling” Emrod was starting to back up until he felt a guard behind him. He felt the tip of a sword graze the back of his shirt, Jaxton was standing stiff as stone but not because he was afraid, a giant smile began to show all over his face. 

“Boys, I would like  for each of you to choose an orb, who would like to go first?” The king spoke with a low, heavy tone to the boys. Emrod was skeptical and still worried about the situation, Jaxton on the other hand, grabbed the Greyish and  bluish orb without hesitation.