Clubs at Lakes


Trinity Haynes, Reporter

Clubs at Lakes:  

the Lakes Info Card: 

Drama Club:  

Advisor: Navarro 

Room: 105 

Meetings: every other Tuesday check teams for more information.  

Code: 294pt9u 

States that Drama Club is a club that helps stage plays and productions at Lakes. It allows students to work on their confidence and public speaking while developing their acting skills. As well as behind the scene technical work.  


Advisor(s): Meyer/Gardner – Contact for more information 

Room: P202 

Meeting time/day: TBD 

 If you are interested in a club that is based on volunteer opportunities, making friends, helping our school, with the opportunity to potentially compete against other schools, then this club is for you! 

 African American Club:  

Advisor(s): Cushman/Eargle – Contact for more information 

Room: P126 

Meeting time/day: TBD 

 members meet to educate, promote, and celebrate African American cultures and traditions. 


Advisor: Wilson 

Room: S133 

Meetings: check S133 

This club introduces students to the foundations of business and entrepreneurship. DECA competes in regional, state, and national competitions. 

Knowledge Bowl 

Advisor: Shultis  

Room: S202 

Meetings: Started October 17th, talk to Shultis room S202 or via Email: [email protected] 

This club is a competition for the mind that is set up like jeopardy with questions focusing on math, science, history, language skills, literature, music, and geography as well as current events. 


Advisor: Thietje-weihs 

Room: S216 

Meetings: seeking leadership applications from students taking Mr. Laeder’s or Thietje-weihs’s classes 

This club and its members are committed to environmental improvement and community service projects. 

 Asian Pacific Islanders Club:
Advisor: Cushman  

Room: P126 

Meetings: TBD – Contact Mrs. Cushman 

Members gather to educate, promote and encourage awareness of Asian pacific islander culture and traditions. 

 First Generation Club 

Advisor: Cushman  

Room: P126 

Meetings: TBD  

This club is a place for students to come together and learn about their future. 

Key Club: 

Advisor: Coleman/ Anderson 

Room: P217 

Meetings: Every Thursday  

This club is a volunteer organization that is supported by the Kiwanis of clover park. key club participates in events such as caring for kids, Lakewood Garden, and Kiwanis auction. they also host events at lakes like the cops’ vs teacher’s basketball game.
** $15 membership fee 


Advisor: Hinkle  

Room: S247 

Meetings: TBD  

This club and its members meet to support each other and provide a safe place to socialize and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia.